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In the process of decorating the kitchen, it is important to think about not only furniture and tiles, but also the way to decorate the apron. Today many customers solve this problem with the help of Backsplash.

The advantages of a Backsplash design

are special glass panels on the back of which a special film or UV-printing is applied. The design of Backsplash may be very different, viz. from laconic monophonic backdrops or imitation of brickwork to bright plant subjects or bizarre geometric ornaments.

The ready-made panels are fixed between the upper and lower tiers of the kitchen set, thus forming a single cloth. Thanks to this, you can place absolutely any image on them, in any case the panels will have a stylish, unusual and complete look.

Technical features of Backsplash 

Kitchen panels are characterized by high strength and durability. They are easy to clean and reliably protect the wall from dirt, mold and fungus.

Backsplash consist of several elements, so if one fragment is damaged, it is not necessary to dismantle the entire apron. The damaged area can be easily replaced with a new one, without detriment to the overall appearance of the Backsplash .

Catalog of Backsplash images in our company

A big advantage of the panoramstock company is a huge selection of images for Backsplash . On our website there is the electronic catalog containing all actual models of panels.

Each image has a high resolution and allows you to get an accurate picture of the future kitchen panels. For your convenience, you can upload your favorite images to your computer, as well as view photos of ready-made aprons in the kitchens of our customers.

If you are going to buy Backsplash for your kitchen, please contact the panoramstock company. You will find an extensive catalog of skilali images, democratic prices and polite service!

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