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Many people, who arrange repairs in the kitchen, think about what decoration for a kitchen apron to choose. The traditional option is ceramic tile or mosaic. However, there is another original way to design an apron - kitchen backsplashes, or skinali.

They are wooden or glass panels, on the outside of which the selected image is applied. Skinali are installed “butt-joint”, so that the apron looks like a single solid canvas.

Advantages of skinali

Kitchen panels have an aesthetic appearance, and their design can be at any customer's choice, viz. from strict monophonic backdrops to colorful drawings and photographs.

In the technical plan, the following main advantages have been indicated:

Skinali for kitchens in the ArtSkinali company

The ArtSkinali ompany specializes in selling and installing kitchen panels. Our catalog of aprons includes dozens of high-quality panels made of reliable materials. All the skinali are made on modern equipment, and they are accompanied by the necessary quality certificates.

Our company has a wide range of images that can be put on the skinali. The full range is presented in the catalog on the website http://www.artskinali.com

The images are of high quality and resolution and they allow you to get a complete picture of the panels presented. If you want, you can download the samples you like on your computer - so you can easily return to them to make the final choice. In addition to the skinali images, the catalog also includes photos of ready-made kitchens with installed panels of an appropriate design.

Our services

The ArtSkinali company offers delivery and installation of selected skinali in any region of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine. Our specialists will quickly produce glass panels and they will install the backsplashes promptly. All services of the company are covered by the guarantee.

If you plan to order a panel for the kitchen, view the catalog of skinali for aprons http://www.artskinali.com/skinali At the ArtSkinali copany you will find quality and original panels at reasonable cost!



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