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PHOTO FOR Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplash – is a modern interior solution that allows you to transform any kitchen. Skinali are glass or wooden panels, which are installed in the kitchen apron.

The main advantages of Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes have many undeniable advantages:

- Safely protect the wall in the area of the apron from contamination and mechanical damage;

-exclude the formation of mold and fungus on the wall;

-easy to install and yet strong enough;

-If needed, the damaged element of the skins can be easily dismantled and replaced with a new one.

But the most important advantage of skinali is an infinite color and theme gamma. The design of the panels allows you to apply on their surface a special film with any pattern. Due to skinali, you can decorate the apron in the kitchen under a mosaic, turn it into a window at night Paris or arrange on the apron a lush meadow with forest flowers. Everything is limited only by your imagination!

Catalog of Kitchen Backsplash

The Panoramstock company is engaged in the sale of the Backsplash images for a kitchen. On our website there is an extensive catalog of photos for skinali, which will help you to decide on the needed design of panels.

The catalog contains images and backgrounds, that are available for application on the panel. For your convenience, all photos are signed. Due to this option, you can view the photo in a full size, learn the physical size of the skinali and a price. 

Our photos

In the Panoramstock catalog, there are only the photos of Backsplash in high resolution, that greatly facilitates the selection of the needed design. All photos have realistic color rendition, so you can be sure that the finished panels will look in your kitchen exactly as you see them on your monitor.

If needed, you can download favorite photos to your computer. This option will allow you to return to viewing the selected samples without having to scroll the catalog again.

Moreover, in our catalog you will also find ready-made photos of Backsplash, there are directly photos of the panels installed in the kitchens of our customers. Thanks to such images you will be able to make a full picture of the kitchen panels in our company.

View the Panoramstock catalog of skinali images. We will help you to find the Backsplash of your dreams!

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