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You can find out the cost of an image by clicking on it in the catalog. A pop-up window has all the information about this particular image. If you are not our partner and do not have the status of WHOLESALE BUYER, then you willl buy at a retail price.
Click on the image you like. In the pop-up window on the left, below the picture there are the dimensions in pixels and the physical dimensions of the image in millimeters. Also, if you have doubts about the quality of the image, then you can download for free the original fragments before purchase. They are indicated by arrows in circles in the same pop-up window.
We recommend you to download fragments of the image you like directly from the pop-up window before buying. This is an enlarged 1 to 1 fragment of the original size of 300 by 300mm. If the quality of the fragment suits you, then you can safely buy the file. If not, then you should better choose another image. The physical size of the image in mm and in pixels is indicated in the pop-up window. Be careful.
We have developed a handy online designer, due to which you can try on your kitchen any number of images without leaving home. If you need some other image that is not in the catalog or you prefer an individual design, then we can help you, of course. Send to us a request by email: panoramstock.com@gmail.com . Together we will come up with a unique image for you.
If the money is debited off from your account, but the file is not received, check the SPAM folder firstly. It happens that the file is there. If there is not, write to us by email: panoramstock.com@gmail.com, we will send you the paid image manually. Do not forget to attach a proof of payment in this case.
Images reach the indicated email within 1-5 minutes automatically (do not forget to check the SPAM folder). If you have made a request directly to the email, and you have not made a purchase through the site, then the arrival time of the file can be from 1 minute to several hours, depending on the manager's employment and his ability to be online to process your application.
On our website there is a convenient search by keywords. Enter a keyword or a predominant color, and you will greatly shorten the time to find the image you need, and at the same time you will find out whether it is there or not. If you have not found the needed image, write to us by email: panoramstock.com@gmail.com. We will try to help you.
Write by email: panoramstock.com@gmail.com. We'll find out the quality of sources. If the relevant source is of a good quality, then there are no problems. In any case, you can always make the most similar image. We also have a lot of pictures, which for various reasons are not posted on the website. Perhaps the image you are looking for is available. Therefore do not hesitate to ask, if any needed image is not found in our catalog.
If the manufacturer of your order is not able to do this work, then of course we will be happy to help you. Send us your project with the exact dimensions by email: panoramstock.com@gmail.com. The cost of such work is from $40 to $100 . We will fully prepare your project, which is previously approved by your side, for printing.
BYN is a Belarusian ruble. The official monetary unit of the Republic of Belarus.
The payment system bePaid is certified for the first (highest) level of the data security standard when working with payment cards (PCI DSS Level 1). This means that data exchange takes place with our system over secure communication channels. All confidential data inside the system is stored in an encrypted form. And the system itself is as stable as possible to hacking. The 3-D Secure supports card holder verification technology. And our website has also a SSL certificate that establishes a secure connection between the client and the server. In other words, this is a guarantee that the data between the browser and your website will be transmitted over a secure channel. As a consequence, the SSL certificate informs site visitors that your resource can be trusted. You can make sure by clicking on the green lock in the upper left corner of the command line.
For convenience and understanding of the services’ cost, all prices on our website are displayed in US dollars. The payment system invoices in Belarusian rubles (BYN) at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, taking into account the commission of the bePaid system itself. You pay in your national currency at the rate of the bank that issued you a payment card, or at the rate of VISA, MasterCard.
No matter in which country you live, your card will be charged the amount in the currency of your country at the rate of the bank that issued you a payment card.
The images presented in our catalog are paid only through the site. Payment for design services is made separately. To do this, please contact us by e-mail: panoramstock.com@gmail.com. The administrator will inform you of the service’s cost and the method of payment.
Firstly, check whether you have entered all the data from the card that the system requests. Secondly, you need to contact the bank that has issued you the card. Perhaps, you have a limit on the amount, or even blocked electronic payments. And thirdly, if nothing works out, try to pay by another card.
You should got the image within 5 minutes at the indicated email. If you have not received the email, check the SPAM folder. If there is no file in 10 minutes after the successful payment, please email us by: panoramstock.com@gmail.com, we will send the image manually.
We do not put any obligatory conditions for the partners in terms of the number of purchases. All you need to do is to register and top up your balance by at least 10 images at a wholesale price, 100 $ (200 BYN). At the same time, you do not need to buy 10 images immediately, the money will be on your balance sheet in the form of a deposit. Thus, you state that sooner or later, you will buy at least 10 images. This distinguishes you from retail. This is enough for us. In the future, you can buy images one by one as needed. There is no term of deposit.
The wholesale price is your discount. There are no additional discounts. Accordingly, it is not difficult to calculate how much the entire catalog costs.
No problems. We will coordinate everything with your client and agree on payment. You will receive a ready-to-print file. Send us only the customer's contacts and the dimensions by email: panoramstock.com@gmail.com.
No. All your purchases are reflected in your personal account in the HISTORY section. All previously purchased images are sent again for free. Find the image you want in the history, click SEND LINK. If the image you want is not in the HISTORY, then you have to re-buy it.
For sure. Download our full catalog on your computer and work. Download link is on the home page. Our regular updates are published in the NEWS section.
All new updates are published in the NEWS section.
Do not worry, it happens to everyone. There is the function PASSWORD RECOVERY on the website. Just follow the prompts. Should you have any questions or get any errors, write by email panoramstock.com@gmail.com.

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