1$ = 3.5BYN


There is an automatic reception of online payments by bank payment cards, VISA and MasterCard.


On our website all prices are indicated in USD. The system charges invoices in Belarusian rubles (BYN) at the rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, taking into account the commission of the bePaid system itself. You pay in your national currency at the rate of the bank that issued you a payment card, or at the rate of VISA, MasterCard.


The bePaid system guarantees maximum security of personal data and protection from fraud.


After payment, the system sends a message to the buyer about the successful payment or the reason for which the payment was not successfully carried out. If the payment is successful, recharging the balance or receiving a file purchased at retail (in one click or through the basket) occurs automatically within 10 minutes. If the paid image was not sent to you within 10 minutes after payment, write to us by e-mail: panoramstock.com@gmail.com and we will deal promptly with this issue.


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